/ MERIT BADGe Offerings

Here is a list of our current merit badge offerings. 

See below for pre-requisite information!




Crime Prevention

Citizenship in the World

Digital Technology

Disabilities Awareness


Fire Safety

First Aid

Fly Fishing




Mammal Study



Scouting Heritage



Nova Awards for Scouts BSA

MBU Missoula Registration Information

The following activities must be registered for on Tentaroo.

Friday Night Activity Registration

Overnight: Overnight adults and scout must register.  Camping/overnight fee is $8 which includes breakfast. 

Planetarium Shows: Planetarium shows will be offered for scouts and adults in the Star Gazing Room. There will be a show at 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Ticket fee is $3 and you must register for the show you plan to attend on Tentaroo.

“War of the Worlds”: Montana Repertory Theater will be performing the 1938 Radio Play at the Dennison Theatre.  Scouts taking Theater Merit Badge are strongly urged to attend! Discount tickets are open to all MBU scouts $10 and adults $20 and should be purchased through Tentaroo. 

Cyber Chip training: Second floor Schreiber Gym. Open class. 

Merit Badge Offerings:

Architecture: Half Day AM- This merit badge course is sponsored by DVG Architecture and Planning.  Pre-Requisites: #4 

Astronomy: Full Day - This merit badge is sponsored by the UM Astronomy Department.  Scouts should check in on Friday night to take part in observing the sky through a telescope weather permitting.  Day will be spent in the classroom and in the Planetarium. Pre-Requisites: #4a-d, #5a-d, #6a-b, #9

Athletics:  Half Day AM- This merit badge is sponsored by UM ROTC.  Scouts will meet in Schreiber Gym as well as tour Washington Grizzly Stadium and Hall of Champions. Pre-Requisites: #2a. #3a-d, #6a-b

Citizenship in the World:  Half Day AM and PM Sessions- This Eagle required merit badge is sponsored by Missoula City Councilwoman Gwen Jones. Pre-Requisites: Scouts should be prepared to discuss #1,2,3,4, 5, and 6. 

Crime Prevention: Full Day - This merit badge is sponsored by Missoula City Police Detective Ben Slater who coordinates the region’s Crisis Intervention Training for law enforcement.  Pre-requisites: Parental Consent Form, #2, #4a-b, #5

Digital Technology:  Half Day AM - Scouts will need to complete the Cyber Chip which will be offered Friday night from 7:00-8:00 on the second floor of Schreiber Gym or come with a current cyber chip completion. 

Disabilities Awareness: Half Day PM  -This merit badge will raise scouts’ awareness of people with disabilities. Scouts will Pre-requisite: #4 and #5

Entrepreneurship: Full Day - This merit badge is sponsored by Paul Gladen, Blackstone LaunchPad.  Scouts will explore the Innovation Factory. See attachment for pre-reqs.

Fire Safety: Full Day - This merit badge is sponsored by Missoula City Fire Department.  The morning will be spent in the classroom and the afternoon will include a tour of the fire station and hands on activities including fire extinguishing.  Pre-requisites: #6a and Permission Form

First Aid: Full Day - This Eagle required merit badge is sponsored by UM ROTC.  This course will include hands on skills demonstrations and case scenarios. Pre-requisites: #1, #2a-c & #5a-b

Fly Fishing:  Full Day - This merit badge will give scouts hands on instruction in fly casting. Pre-requisites: #6, #10 & #11

Forestry: Half Day PM - This merit badge is sponsored by Eric Henderson, Regional Planning Analyst for USDA Forest Service Region 1. 

Geology: Half Day PM- This merit badge is sponsored by the UM Geology Department. Scouts will complete the Earth History option. Pre-requisites: #5d, #4 Bring your collection to explore.

Journalism: Half Day PM - Scouts should read the requirements and have a general understanding of journalism and its terminology. Pre-requisites: #1, #3 (5Ws and H) #5.

Mammal Study: Half Day AM -  Scouts will learn about the study of Mammals.  Pre-requisites: #3

Photography: Half Day PM  - This merit badge is sponsored by Lee Silliman, who is known for photographing with his Wisner 8X10 Technical View Camera (inspired by Ansel Adams) Pre-requisites: #4, #5. Scouts should bring their own camera.

Plumbing: Full Day - This merit badge is sponsored by Mickelson Plumbing.  This merit badge is a hands on class. Scouts need to wear closed toe shoes and long pants. 

Scouting Heritage: Half Day AM - Scouts will learn the history and traditions of scouting as well as view a large collection of scouting memorabilia. Pre-requisites: #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8. 

Sustainability: Full Day - This Eagle required merit badge is sponsored by the UM Office of Sustainability. Scouts will explore UM’s ongoing efforts to become efforts to become socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable in their operations, classrooms and facilities.  Pre-requisites:1-5.  See attachment.

Theatre: Half Day AM  - This merit badge is sponsored by the UM School of Theatre and Dance. Scouts in Missoula on Friday night are strongly encouraged to attend “War of the Worlds” play performed by UM Repertory Theater. Cost is $10 per scout and tickets should be reserved on Tentaroo. Scholarships available for scouts taking this merit badge - please contact us.  Pre-requisites: #1 (“War of the Worlds” will count toward one of your three plays)

Nova Award Technology - Hello World: Full Day This award explores the world of coding or computer programming. Previous experience with programming is recommended.